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Access to quality education remains key to Haiti’s economic and economic development. The current state of education in Haiti, is not sufficient for the task. Surveys conducted by the UNDP indicate the average Haitians 25 years or older received only 4.9 years of education that means only 29 percent of the population attend secondary school. The statistics show that there is a educational gap and haitian youth are at risk of not having the necessary knowledge and basic skills to succeed in the labor force or contribute to the continued development of the country. Most schools in Haiti have minimal government support, lack qualified instructors, and are relatively expensive. More than 80 percent of primary schools are privately managed by nongovernmental organizations, churches, communities, and for-profit operators, with minimal government oversight. School expenses are often a significant financial burden for low income families. Half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications and almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training.; 2015



Changing Lives of Children believes that one of the greatest needs in Haiti is quality education. A better education can trigger long-lasting change for a whole generation and their community. We sponsor (pay) over 130 underprivileged students’ schooling, food, medical care, and shelter. We also provide ongoing training for teachers and school administrators. Partner with us to raise and train the next world changers.


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