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Mission Trip2017

Mission trip to was spent in Lacoupe Limbe......Learn More

2016 Backpack Drive

Help fill a backpack with needed supplies to send to Haiti... Learn More


This building was constructed in 1974 by a Christian missionary.

With no running water, no electricity, but It was the first school and church in the community.....Read More

Mission Trip 2016


Learn More

Mission Trip/Backpack Drive 2014

2014 was our first mission trip to Haiti. Our first Backpack Drive.We distributed school supplies to more than 300 kids and parents..Read More

Mission Trip/Backpack Drive 2015

Our second mission trip to Haiti. This time we spent time and efforts in Lacoupe Limbe. Every kid and parent received backpack with supplies.....Read More



Access to quality education remains key to Haiti’s social and economic development. The current state of education in Haiti, however, is not sufficient for the task.. READ MORE


2022 Backpack Drive

Backpacks filled with needed supplies to handed out... Learn More


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